01. My boss has furnished me with a generous budget to cover any costs I [incur] while on business out of town.
02. You will be liable for any debts [incurred] if you sign this agreement.
03. You can expect to [incur] a fair amount of debt the first year you're in business, but hopefully, after that the money will start to come in.
04. He [incurred] the anger of his boss by constantly disagreeing with him during their weekly staff meetings.
05. The damage to the vehicle was [incurred] in a collision involving a cyclist.
06. He had [incurred] over $300,000 in gambling debts at the time of his suicide.
07. The Mexican President's remarks have [incurred] the anger of the American leader.
08. In January, 2000, legislation passed in Togo stated that any insult to the head of state which is published in the media could [incur] up to six months' imprisonment and a fine of more than $3,000.
09. By the time he graduated from university, Sean had [incurred] debts of over $50,000 in student loans.
10. The debts we [incurred] in our first year of business took two years to pay off.
11. A local man has died as a result of injuries [incurred] in a motorcycle accident.
12. Jason [incurred] over $120,000 in student loans while studying medicine.
13. A Senegalese proverb suggests that three kinds of people die poor: those who divorce, those who [incur] debts, and those who move around too much.
14. Plautus once suggested that there are occasions when it is undoubtedly better to [incur] loss than to make gain.
15. We didn't want to [incur] a penalty, so we were very careful to return the books on time.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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